how to: sparkler painting.

so i did this thing called light painting or sparkler painting.
it was so much fun, & a great summer activity.

what you'll need:
sparklers (i bought 60 & it was just enough for 2 nights of doing it)
a lighter (you'll use it a lot, so make sure it has enough fluid.)
a dlsr camera with manual settings
a tripod (or tall tabletop)
a bucket filled with 3 inches of water

step 1:
find a background (in your backyard or something) that will have no lights shining on it when it gets dark. 
then set up your tripod and camera there. 

step 2:
set your camera to manual mode, then put the ISO to 100 or 200.
if it is still a little bit light outside, go with 100, but if its like pitch black, you should do 200.
set your shutter speed to 8 seconds.
set your aperture to f/11.
set your camera to "self timer" (i do it on ten seconds) & 
"continuous" (i do it on five. the sparkler usually goes out at, or during, the fifth one.)
& make sure your flash is OFF.

step 3:
wait for it to get pitch black. 
at my house we usually wait until about 9:45ish.
so sit down, eat your ice cream, and wait.
& make sure all your patio lights are off too.

step 4:
click the shutter button, and run to the place where you're gonna take the picture.
you now probably have about 7 seconds left to grab the lighter & light up the sparkler.
so light it up......
and for the first few pictures, just do simple shapes & stuff. 
words are tricky because you have to write it backwards.
but if you want to give it a go, then by all means do!

so if you did it exactly the way i explained it, 
your camera should wait 10 seconds before the first picture takes,
then it will take 5 pictures continually for 8 seconds long each.
i always count the clicks of the camera so i can know if im supposed to be done or whatever.

so yeah! now take a look at some pictures that didnt work, so you can see how to not do them:
letters arent realistic enough..

lighting the sparkler too late, and too high of ISO.

two different people writing the words, so its not even & very sloppy.

now, take a look at the pictures that did work:

cool right?
so now try it for yourself. :)

hannah mae


sister shoot

so, i did a photoshoot for two of my best friends, heather & hannah.
they are so close that we decided it would be a "sister shoot"
& they just so happened to be wearing almost matching outfits that day.
so it worked out perfectly.
first we went to these railroad tracks,
they arent used anymore & they are very beautiful.
next we went on a hike, & we found a stream.
we took photos there for a long while.
& on the way back from the hike, we found these huge dandilions,
& lots of other gorgeous flowers.
i hope you enjoy these pictures.


park city weekend & mary

i had a huge blessing over the past weekend
i got to spend the night in lovely park city 
with my sister, one of my best friends, and my mom.
it was so much fun.
there was lots of good food, good company,
picture taking, guitar playing, hot-tubbing,
smiling, singing, laughing, jesus,
and just being us.
so here are some photos of our little trip,
and some photos that i took of the lovely mary,
that we had taken on our trip.


shoot with hannah