Flower Lace Bobby Pins...

Sooooo... I found this website that had a cute little tutorial on how to make Lace Bobby Pins, but it was kinda hard to understand and it turned out not really looking like a flower, so i decided to make my own and change it a bit!! :)

You'll Need.....
About 7-10 inches of lace, plus 3/4" of lace
A needle and thread
Hot glue gun
Bobby pins

 Thread the needle and put it in the bottom of the lace.
 Sew through a bit of lace...
 Pull the thread to make it scrunch up a bit...
 After you sew through some, pull it more and it'll look like this.
Keeeeeeep going!! Then sew through the bottom and tie it off.
 Take the piece of lace and put some hot glue on it...
 Put the bobby pin on the bottom of the flower and put the little piece of lace on top.
 Aaaaaaaaaaaand you're done!
 So cute, right?!

Hope you guys like it!

See you soon!
                Hannah Mae

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