Boho Hair Tutorial

 We have 1539 page views! Which means i will be doing the video!! As a little extra challenge, i want to have 1700 page views by Monday when im putting up the video! SOOOOOOOOO without further ado, here's a tutorial i whipped up for a boho-ish hairstyle :) just a heads up... Ive never french braided before this video... so im probably doing something wrong, but oh well because it works out well in the end! haha :)

 This is kinda how it looks when it's all done :)
 You'll Need:
3 little elastics
a few bobby pins
Hairspray (optional)
Blow Dryer (optional)
 Start with your hair all messy-- like this :) DONT BRUSH IT! it will ruin it :) Separate your hair into 2 sections, one on each side of your head, as shown :)
 Grab a little piece of hair and start french braiding it. Make sure you leave out some pieces/bangs in the front, or else it'll look kinda weird :)
 As you can see, im not very good at french braiding..... but keep adding more and more pieces and braiding your way through the section... try to follow the pictures because im positive i'm doing something wrong...but don't worry, it works out in the end! haha :)

 It will look like this once you braid the whole thing
 Put an elastic on the bottom! :) like 1/3 of the way done!!
 It has these little things on the side, but you want those! Dont fix them, or else the bun wont have any hair to sit on top of..... sorry if thats confusing!
 Now do the other side in the same way!!
 Again, keep the little things!! :) haha
 Cross the two braids over eachother in the back of your head... twist them together and keep twisting until they curl up into a bun. Make it kinda tight, but not too tight :) 
 Bobby pin the ends down
 Wrap an elastic around it... you probably will only be able to get it around once
Loosen/pull it kind of to let some little pieces come out and to make it messier! Hairspray if you want it to stay really well, and blow dry for a second (on low and cold) if you want it to be a bit messier than it already is... i skipped this step because i thought it didnt need it :) Then..... TA DA!! you're done :)
Hope you enjoy this new hairstyle! 

                Hannah Mae

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