Hey guys! I just got back from my vacation and i have a TON of pictures :)

So here they all are!

 Me and my brother :)

 Me and a couple of my friends loooove the word NEPHI! haha :)

NEPHI!!! I love nephi. haha!

 I looooooooove this old ford truck!
 Alsoooooooooo........ my mom had the same truck when she was younger!
 I had a photoshoot with a pretzel.... yes i was bored.

 Vans :)

 NO SE? I dont know......

 Look what i figured out how to do!!!!

 Ok............ a sideways building!
 Notice the guts on the window...? its from a bug...!


I thought this light picture was pretty cool:)

 Josh trying to play my new guitar!!!!! :)

 Eating cheetos in bed....... OH YES.

 Me, my brother, and cousin Chris!

 Me and my grandma :)

 COKE TASTING! from around the world!!!!!!!

Djibouti... or Did Ya Booty??!! oh yuh.

Hope you like these pictures!! :)

   Hannah Mae

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