major stamp addiction.... SOLVED!!! :)

One day while making potato leek soup with her brother and dad, a girl wondered how to make stamps out of potatoes.
She researched.... And found something amazing.........
So she made a tutorial for everyone who was wondering the same thing!

You'll need:
An old eraser
Post-it notes
an exacto knife
an old lid (mine was from sour cream)
a pen

Step 1-2: place the eraser on the post it note and trace around it.
Step 3: draw your design on the paper to make sure it'll fit on the eraser... and for extra practice!
Step 4: take the post-it and put it on top of the eraser. Use the penrub the post-it note. That will transfer your design onto the eraser. Don't worry if it's not that dark, we'll fix that in the next step! :)
Step 5: fill in the design using the pattern you just traced onto it.
Step 6: Start carving around (not on) the shape.
Step 7: insert knife into the side, just til it reaches the line you just cut around. keep on cutting around the shape, and shave off anything you dont like. (remember that the raised part is going to be the part that stamps, and the other stuff is the part that shouldnt touch the paper)
Step 8-9: Put some paint into the lid, and dip the now-ready stamp into the paint and onto the paper.
Step 10: Lift off the stamp and Ta-Da!!!!!

So that's all for now! Best wishes <3
                                                                        --Hannah Mae

monicutte  – (November 23, 2011 at 8:18 PM)  

I've always wanted to do one of those!! (:


Hannah Mae  – (December 28, 2011 at 11:01 AM)  

Thanks!! It was really hard to take pictures of the process because i didnt want to hurt myself with the knife! Haha :)
Hannah Mae

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