Homemade Makeup Remover Pads

Hi! As promised, i have returned for Part 2 of the Crochet Tutorial!

On to the tutorial!!

You'll need:
Crochet hook
This pattern! :)

Row 1: Chain 5. Do a Slip Stitch in the first chain 1 space to make a circle. Chain 3.
Row 2: Yo. Put the crochet hook into the middle of the circle. Yo. Pull through 1 loop. Yo. Pull through 2 loops. Yo. Pull through last 2 loops. You just did a double crochet inside a circle! Do this 12 more times. Slip stitch... Chain 3.
Row 3: Do 2 double crochets in each double crochet top loopy thing. You know what i'm talking about, right?! :) You should have 24 total stitches. Chain 3.
Row 4: Do 1 dc in first double crochet top loopy thing, then do 2 in the next. Repeat this until you are all the way around! You should have 36 total stitches. Slip stitch. Cast off. You're done!!! :)

To make the actual makeup remover, just follow this video!!

Have fun!

I set up all of my christmas decorations this week! What did you do?

          Hannah :)

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