TIL ((things i love)) Thursday... Crochet!

Hey guys! This weeks TIL ((things i love)) Thursday is about crochet! I just love crochet! I hope you do too :)
Today i'm going to show you how to do some basic stitches and hold the yarn and things like that, and for Beautiful Saturdays i'm going to show you how to make some makeup remover pads! :)

Here we go!

You'll need:
A crochet hook  
(size matters based on what size yarn you are using, for example, if i         had a medium weight yarn, i would probably use a G or an H size hook. For a thin(ish) yarn, i would use a 3.50mm hook. It usually says on the package of the yarn)
Thats it :)

So here's the tutorial for the first and simplest crochet stitches;
           The Chain stitch (its abbriviated as "ch") and
           The Single Crochet (its abbriviated as "sc")

Cross the short end of your yarn over the long end thats attached to the ball of yarn. Follow the picture for an example.
Put your thumb and pointer finger through the loop.
 Pull the long end through, making a slip knot.
Tighten the knot.
insert your crochet hook in the loop, tighten the knot around the crochet hook. 
Wrap the long end of your yarn around the hook.

 Hold the end in place. Wrap the long end of the yarn around your finger.

A close up of holding the end of the yarn:)

Repeat the last two steps until you have a chain that is 8 'vs' long.

Do two more "chain" stitches. Insert hook into the top part of the 3rd 'v' from hook.
Wrap the yarn around (this is called yarning over. abbriviated, it's yo) Pull the 2nd loop over the 1st one, just like you did the chain stitch.

Yarn over (yo) then pull throug 2 loops. You've just made your first single crochet!

Repeat the last 2 steps until you reach the end of the chain. Chain 2.
Turn the piece around so that its facing the other direction.

Yo, then insert hook into the front top loop of the piece. Do a sc, then continue doing single crochets down the row.
If you like how it looks, cut off the yarn at about 3 inches, make a chain stitch, remove the hook, then tighten it. If you dont like how it looks, or just want to take it out for fun, remove the hook and pull the long end of the yarn. this should unravel the piece.

Then the tutorial for a Double Crochet (dc)

Pre-Step 1. Chain 8. Count the vs to make sure.
Step 1. Yo. Insert hook into 3rd chain from hook. Yo. Pull through 1 loop. Yo. Pull through 2 loops. Yo. Pull through last two loops. You've just made your first dc! :)
Step 2. Repeat step 1 until you reach the end of the row.
Step 3. Chain 3. Repeat step 1 in first top loop of the piece. Keep making DCs until you reach the end. You can either pull it out or cast off.

Hope you had fun with this tutorial! Come back Saturday for how to make some makeup remover pads!

One more thing before i leave, i am obsessed with fishtail braids..... i have a tutorial coming! Here's a sneak peek...

no makeup :)

Have a great day!

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