Magazine Flower Headband.

Hi there! Today for Fashion Friday i am making a Magazine Flower Headband!
I like headbands with things on them! They make every outfit pop :)
I hope you like it! :)
You'll need:
Magazine pages (or newspaper)...
Hot glue...
a headband...
2 small pieces of fabric...

1. Cut the magazine pages into 10 circles about the same size.
2. Fold each paper in half, Then in half again, Then in half again. Scallop or cut the edges in a triangular design.
3. Crinkle them all. Put hot glue on one of them in the middle.
4. Add another paper. Add more glue. Add more paper. Repeat until they're all used up.
5. Cut a rectangle of magazine in a contrasting color. Roll into a ball. Hot glue the ball to the center of the flower.
6. Crinkle the layers of the flower up around the center ball.
7. Cut a circle the size of the bottom of your flower and hot glue it on the flower.
8. Cut a rectangle 1/2 inch by however long your flower is. Hot glue one side of it to the flower. Put some glue on the headband where you want the flower to be. Wrap the rectangle around the headband.
9. Put some hot glue on the other side of the rectangle and press down.
10. Ta da!!!!! :) Have fun with your new headband!

Thanks for reading! :)
                Hannah Mae

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