TIL Thursday: Holiday Favorites!

Hi! This is a blog hop post about things i love for Christmas! There were so many things i love, and it was really hard to pick which ones i love the best! Have fun with this big list of creative ideas! :)

A great paper snowflake tutorial by How About Orange

An awesome way to make a centerpiece for your table by BHG

A great tutorial for easy paper snowflakes (this one is better for little kids...) by Delia Creates

This is a great post from Ellinee about homemade gift wrap

This is part 2 to that post ^^^

A bunch of cute ideas for wrapping-- all Eco-Friendly! by Whole Living.

A wonderful recipe by Pink Pistachio; Snowflake Peppermint Bark!

A great idea (no recipe, sorry! i'm sure any gingerbread recipe would work though) for Edible Gingerbread Gift Tags! (((From Etsy. The shop is called Andie's Specialty Sweets.)))

Rudolf The Redvelvet Cupcake! How cute is that idea?!

These Peppermint Sugar Cookies look so good!

This is a recipe by The Idea Room for Peppermint Playdough!

A fun craft to do with kids after christmas; Recycled Christmas Card Origami (kind of...) haha:)

Hope you have a great time with all this stuff!


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