Wondering Wednesday: How can I make my wrapping more creative?

Hello! Yesterday I was wondering how should I make this christmas more homey and crafty. I thought of all of our wrapping, and how we could all make it more creative and awesome! Here is a tutorial for DIY Gift Bows! Enjoy!

 You'll Need:
4 different patterns of Magazine pages, Cardstock, or Scrapbooking paper
Hot glue, staples, or double-sided tape
 Cut 3 strips of paper that are 3/4" by the whole length of the page, about 8"
Cut 3 strips of paper that are 3/4" by 1" shorter than the last one (about 7")
Cut 3 strips of paper that are 3/4" by 1 inch shorter than the last one (about 6")
Cut 2 strips of paper that are 3/4" by 3-4"
 Take one strip and fold it in half...
 Twist a strip to make the top of a figure 8.
Twist the other side so it looks like a complete figure 8. Use the picture to help you figure out how to twist it so the "wrong" side is facing up...
 Make it thinner and longer, then glue down the ends.
 Continue to do this with all of the strips, but with the 2 shortest ones, make them into loops. (follow the picture!)
 Glue the 3 biggest pieces together like so :)
 Glue the 2nd biggest ones on top of those, in the same fashion, but make sure that they dont get "stuck" under the other ones.
 Glue the rest of the pieces on top. It looks messy, so glue extra long pieces down to  make it shorter, and arrange them how you want it!

And there you have it! :) Have fun!


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