Day 1 of the 366 Day Photography Challenge!!

Hi! This is the first day of the 366 Day Photography Challenge!! Down below is a list of all the days in January... All you have to do is take a picture every day of whatever is on this list... You can follow it however you like, you can completely stick to the list and only do what it says, or you could take it just as inspiration and get all crazy! :)

January 1st (today :D)... Self portrait
2nd... what you wore today
3rd... clouds
4. something that is your favorite color
5. someone awesome
6. a memory
7. something new
8. technology
9. a faceless self portrait (something that is describes you, but not actually a picture of yourself)
10. something you made
11. something fun
12. close up
13. from a distance
14. flowers
15. what you ate
16. on the shelf
17. in my bag
18. close up of hands
19. what you're reading
20. pretty pattern
21. trees
22. sunset
23. a smile
24. sunrise
25. something old
26. after dark
27. something childish that you love
28. something bought
29. your shoes
30. something in motion
31. self portrait

Here is my picture from today!! (the self portrait... :D)

I hope you guys have fun with this in 2012!!
    Hannah Mae

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