TIL Thursday: my random life

Hey guys! So........ this week has been VERY lazy... I have did almost nothing except watch tons of tv, blow my nose, and eat pudding and homemade peanut butter cups :) Back to real life (finally) and feeling a bit better! 

This is a post about things that im in love with this week!  :)

 This is just too awesome.. Write ANDY on the bottom of one of your boots! credit
 Glow in the dark food..... sooooooo awesome. credit
 HAIR CHALKING!!!!! #bestideaever Check out my tutorial Here! credit (for the photo)
 Suuuuuuuuper easy curls :) credit
 MUSTACHES! oh yes. we MUST go there. credit
Homemade reeses cups. TO DIE FOR. :) credit (ps: i didnt use this recipe... i just like this picture :) i cant find the recipe that i used..... but you could use any recipe that you could find)

And im listening to their band. LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

                 Hannah Mae

PS: I have 1490 page views right now........ SO CLOSE :) just 10 more by tomorrow and i will sing for you! Also, to make it a bit more exciting, im going to have you guys choose the song! So in the comments below, tell me what song you think i should do (you can comment on todays post or tomorrows) and i will use the song that is the most requested :)

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