St. Patrick's Day-- TIL Thursday

So since Saturday is St. Patrick's Day I thought I would do a TIL Thursday on all things green! :)

 Green Cardigan!
Favorite Green Snack.....Roasted Edamame. Yumm.

Green Romper...hah I probably wouldn't wear this, but its awesome.

GREEN DIP DYE!!! I really wan't to dye my hair.

Avocado Salsa... okaaaay... it has some green in it!

Green and Gold Makeup. This is soo pretty.

Green Jeans. oh yes.

Avocado Pasta. Don't know how well that would taste, but it looks yummy!

Leather GREEN! :)

I hope you liked my green stuff...!
Have a great day! :)

                Hannah Mae

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