they knew they'd lose you to all this change.

After a long long break, and it was a great one, I am finally back!
I have been having an amazing summer, though I wish I had continued blogging during it, because I feel like I'm jumping right into this, like I just started again.

-I feel like I'm starting over-

by the way, the title of this post is some lyrics from my new favorite song.
Piano - Eyelit
you can download their new EP on NoiseTrade now for free(:

anyways, here are some pictures of my summer so far.
my brother at a lake.

strawberries-white chocolate-colored sugar.
perfect fourth of july snack.

this picture isn't mine, I just really want to do it in my room.

some inspiration for your day(:

I did a film project with my friend Zak. 
cool, huh?

one word:

fathers day <3

oh brother(;

doing makeup for the film project(:

had a photoshoot with a bunch of streamers.

went bowling like a bazillion times.


eating smash thing ever.

Jack Johnson..yes.

another bestie(:

soccer games.

rockin it.

and yet another bestie(: these three are my best friends. 
you will be seeing them a lot more now(:

we get weird fortunes.


taking hikes.

babysitting is so much more fun when you have a camera.

--peace out--

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