so, I'm in colorado.

weird huh?

i actually didn't know we were going until the day i got home from camp.

and now were here. for a week.

and i don't even have wifi... MEH.

so i can't upload any pictures, and when i get home ill probably post a quick update, and then i start school on monday.

everything happens so fast.

sooo... i just wanted to let you guys know that i am not dead (thankfully) and that i will be back as soon as possible(:

have a great week!

xo, hannah mae.

ps: i maaaayybeee will be posting soon...because if i get internet on my ipod then i can post pictures and stuff, but it costs extra money (and we already paid some to get my dads computer to work) so it would be completely pointless to post a bunch of things when theres nothing interesting about my posts. pictures can speak a thousand words, but words...well they only speak however many words there are.

sorry for rambling, see ya soon(:

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