10 TIL Thursday: All my favorites :)

Hellooooooooooooo!! :)

Today's post is on all of my favorite things... Its a TIL Thursday, but i'm changing it so that every week i have at least 10 things in one post. This is a fun one because you get to see all of my favorite things! :)

Shall we begin?!

Potstickers are my favorite mood food :) any kind of mood im in I will always love potstickers!!! Photo Credit
 Favorite tattoo :) Photo Credit
 Another favorite tattoo! I will have a bird tattoo when im older..... Photo Credit
 Favorite quote/poemy thing at the moment... this is so true. Photo Credit
 This is my favorite picture right now... i just love little kids! Photo Credit
 Favorite piece of jewelry!!... i love music :) Photo Credit
 Favorite dessert..... this looks so good. I plan on making it for my birthday. Photo Credit
 Favorite Room. How cool would it be to have like a secret craft room or office or movie studio?!?! [that was for you, Zak ;)] awesome, right? Photo Credit
 Favorite nail polish......... this looks so awesome. Its magnetic. and it makes this thing on your nails like that! its amazing :) i need to try it! Photo Credit
Favorite outfit...... This is so cute! I just love skirts and belts right now for some reason... ive been crazy about clothes ever since ive joined Pinterest. hmm. i wonder why?!? ;) Photo Credit

Sooooooo thats 10 of my favorite things! See you here tomorrow for something awesome! :)

                Hannah Mae

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