TIL..... Wednesday?: GUM :)

Hi guys! So i think im getting a bit ahead of myself... But... I reaaaaally wanted to do this post today, so i did :)

Its about gum. I love gum. Im also getting braces. REALLY SOON.  Really soon as in 8 days. I know, its fast. :/ so that means i can't chew gum...

Anyways! This is really cool, and i've been doing it like all my life:) You just rip apart a gum wrapper and stick it on stuff!! Awesomest thing ever, right?!? so heres my notebook that i JUST covered with gum wrappers yesterday (and a little tutorial on how to do it :D) Sorry that the pictures are dumb, i took them with my phone camera. If you want to see how stupid the phone pictures can be, go back to my second post... yeaaaaaah. :)

So here it is!

You'll Need......
Lots of gum wrappers :)
And an old notebook (yes. my friend is rediculous and wrote all of her favorite celebrities on it; Justin Bieber, Iron Man, The Rock, and the Beach Boys... Wow Hannah :D)
Rip it.
Rip it more :D

Press it down reeeeeeeal good :)
This is the front of my now covered notebook! :)

Hope you guys liked this post! I was kinda killing 2 birds with one stone today because the "Photography Challenge" for today was to take a picture of something i made :)

Have a great day!! I'll be back tomorrow!

                Hannah Mae

PS: I cant wait for you guys to see the special project ive been working on :) I promise it will be done by Saturday!

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