Hey guys! Today I'm going to give you something to do with all of those leftover christmas cookies that nobody is going to eat! I'm going to make a parfait for breakfast!

Parfaits are awesome. They are yummy, easy, fun, and are really cute! I hope you guys like them as much as i do! :)

You'll Need....
Really Ripe Fruit
Christmas cookies
A glass or mug or bowl

Step 1: Put some cookies in a ziplock bags and smash them! :D

Step 2: Put a layer of yogurt in the bottom of your container. It looks really awesome in a glass because you can see the layers!

Step 3: Put a layer of fruit on top of the yogurt. You can use whatever kind of fruit you want, just make sure it will taste good with the type of cookie you're using...

Step 4: put some of the cookie crumbs on top!

Step 5: continue with steps 2-4 until you have enough for you to eat!

Hope you guys have fun with this! See you tomorrow!! :)

     Hannah Mae

PS: PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE!!! :) Today were doing clouds.... I love clouds! :) Its funny because i didnt even edit them and they look awesome!

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