KayleeBeth from Raining Daisies: Photography!

Hey guys! I am super excited today! Do you want to know why?!? Well today is the day that I have my first GUEST POSTER!!! :) KayleeBeth is a beautiful girl with a ton of blogging talent! So here is her post! Hope you enjoy it!

Hey Ya'll! I am sooooo thrilled to be guest posting on this ah-mazing blog!!! But before I day anything else I should tell you about myself ~:o) My name is KayleeBeth and this is me:
I am a christian//sister//aunt//daughter//and CRAZY! ;) Anywho . . . My guest post today will be about:  Photography!! ;)  I am NOT a photographer I just take pictures  for the fun of it ~:o) so here are some samples of what I take pictures of:
There are not that many because I don't take pictures that much and plus it's winter were I am and I don't like taking pictures in the cold :) Some of my favorite photographers are:
Rodney Smith
Sample of his work:
Well . . . . sorry this was ALL pictures and not very many words but i hope you enjoyed it anyway!

So how did you like the post? I loved it! Comment below! Thanks for posting KayleeBeth! Also, make sure to check out her blog, Raining Daisies
Have a wonderful day! :)

               Hannah Mae 

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