Triangle Necklace!

This week my obsession has been triangles. Just...take a look...

See what I mean?! I'm now obsessed with the simple shape that I learned how to draw in Pre-School... woooooooooooow.

Well anyways... I made this cute little necklace...of course, in the shape of a triangle...

AND.... I made a tutorial for you!!

You'll Need...
An old necklace chain (and at least 2 jump rings)
Some old leather
Pliers and scissors.
Paint, sparkles, ect...

Draw (with a sharpie, or a pen if you want!) a shape (mine's a TRIANGLE!!) on the back side of the leather.

Cut it out. 
Hey look! It's a TRIANGLE!! :D

Now, if the leather is really thin (like mine) then you can double it using hot glue and the same shape... Now poke a hole in the top of it so that you can get the jump ring in.

Now put the jump rings in!! 

Now close them using pliers...

Now slip the necklace chain through the jump rings.... and TA DAAAAAA! :)

Hope you like it! I am going to wear it tonight! 

               Hannah Mae

PS: I took these pictures with my phone... I apologize for any inconvenience... haha! :) 

Anonymous –   – (March 12, 2012 at 9:03 PM)  

Hannah this is so cute!

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