cupcakes // a guest post by lindsey

Hello! Today I have a special treat...literally! Lindsey from Sprinkles of My Life is here guest posting! Enjoy!! :)

Cupcakes. <3 I love them. They are a warm, sweet treat on a chilly, winter day...a melt-in-your-mouth treat on a sunshiney, hot day in the summer...and a savory delicacy on ANY day! :D They are all around delicious. They are good models for photographers. And they are quite cute, if I do say so myself. My sisters and I have cupcake parties all the time! I make the batter, bake them, and photograph them. Thirteen year old Sarah spreads frosting on them and decorates them. Seven year old Landri helps with whatever we need her to do! Wanna see some of my cupcake photography?! ;D

I love how the chocolate icing comes to a little point at the top!

Interesting lighting... :)

Yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting

idk why this looks all shriveled! :P

black and white :D wish it wasn't so blurry! :P

All in line...waiting to be frosted(;

lovely white<3

lots of dots! :D

Background sprinkles :D

love! <3

Cupcake pile!

Hey! I'm Lindsey from Sprinkles of My Life! I have been emailing Hannah for a little while, and we thought it would be cool to do a guestpost swap thing, so that’s what we’re doing! J A little about me? Most importantly, I'm a daughter of the King, but I'm also a...cupcake lover, passionate photographer, Disney princess fan, letter writer, and performer, who enjoys singing, blogging, sharpies, making friends, fashion, and eating skittles!<3 I'm also a 15 year old homeschooler, and the oldest of 4, with a small business making friendship bracelets & anklets {Friendship Twists: Bracelets & Anklets}. Check it out!!! :) Thanks for this opportunity, Hannah!<3 Your blog is amazing. :D

Love ya!


Hope you liked the post! Have a great day!

Hannah Mae

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