dear reader // poetry.

hello, today i have a little story to share.

we do Meals On Wheels, which is a program that brings meals to elderly people or shut-ins who aren't able to buy/make their own food.

there is this one lady who we have been delivering to for years, who is an amazing writer. i recently was visiting her, and she showed me her huge poem book, which has hundreds of poems that she has written over the years.

so obviously, i had to do something about this amazing talent that nobody knows about.

i asked her, if maybe i could put some of her poems on my blog.

she said yes.

so here i am now, about to show you these magnificent poems, and here you are, somewhere in the world, sitting at your computer or iPhone or whatever, just waiting until i stop writing, and getting extremely excited about these poems. but wait...

i just have one more thing to say. bear with me. hang on. hold up.

i want you to really read these poems, to take them in, to experience them fully. they really touched me, and if you just read over it fast, they will never mean anything to you.

please. take the time to read just these two poems. don't worry, i'll be back with more another day, but for now, just read.

Moments With God by Fay Stradley.
far beyond the rainbow,
far beyond the bonds of men,
lies a world of happiness
in the depths of nature's den.

there dwells sheer inspiration
in a sweet place of peace,
where fondest dreams are dreamed,
and sorrows all decrease.

there are fields of deep contentment,
as hearts with rapture fill,
and all of God's great marvels
give to a soul a thrill.

here seeps those deep emotions
of faith, of love, of life;
here one feels consolation,
which subdues all cares and strife.

to kneel down meek and humbly,
as one bows in humble prayer,
brings peace, as God listens to gratitude,
for this life and beauty is rare.

oh, to this bit of heaven,
to this place where few have softly tread,
to be in arms of nature,
here we walk and live with God.

April Violets by Fay Stradley.
nestled, snuggled, in mother earth's arms
awaiting April's warm rays of sun,
lie bits of innocence. purple charms.
there lies life wrapped in a tiny bud,
      awaiting spring's call.

shyly raising the soft, wet earth,
bursting forth in velvet array,
stand modest symbols of birth,
stands life renewed on a glorious day,
      hearing spring's call.

fulfilling life's promise in a humble way,
they lift prayerful heads to their Maker above.
arise April violets--it is your time.
arise April violets--with your hearts full of love,
      answering spring's call.

so how did you like them?
let me know in the comments below.

thanks for taking the time for this.
i will be back with more soon.

xo, hannah mae :)

ps...i am working on lots of outfit posts!

Anonymous –   – (April 25, 2012 at 1:37 PM)  

Those are great :)

Shauna  – (April 25, 2012 at 2:00 PM)  

The poem is beautiful. How talented she is. I would love to see more, thanks for sharing!

Happy Wednesday.

Caroline  – (April 25, 2012 at 7:49 PM)  

very, very sweet. there is talent everywhere!
we used to do meals on wheels too.

Sara  – (April 29, 2012 at 3:58 AM)  

just found your blog, love it! :)X

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