Guest Post by Jemima: Being an Artist

Today I have a special treat for you guys.. a guest post by Jemima from Jolie!
Enjoy, and make sure to check out this beautiful girl's blog! 

Hi my name is Jemima and I am the writer and creator of Jolie. Jolie is my blog where I can pour out my heart no matter the circumstances. I am the 4th child out of 5 children. I was adopted when I was 3. My passion is to become the next big fashion designer. But right now I am actually pursuing becoming a more Godly girl and just getting through the "not so best years".....High school.  I am a very crafty person. I adore using my hands to create wonderful masterpieces. I use my hands to create beautiful hair accessories. You can visit my shop by clicking here!  Well enough about me....lets talk about a topic that has been in my mind for awhile.

When I think of an artist I think of a person who paints an awesome painting. When I moved to CA (originally from AZ) God showed me the true meaning of an artist. 
An artist is a person who creatively creates true master pieces. 

I never called myself an artist because in my head I thought an artist was a painter. But now I know  the true meaning of an artist. Either photography, street art, a piece of writing, a movie, or even a simple little craft. I say that what ever you create, you are an artist....even if it wasn't created with paint. I can actually call my self an artist. Or at least in artist in the making! 

No matter what you do in life, you are always an artist.

Well I hope you liked me guest posting today! I hope you will visit my blog and maybe become a daily reader of it! Please click here to visit Jolie.


Did you like her post? I sure did! Again, make sure you check out her blog! It's great!! :)

                Hannah Mae

ginanorma  – (April 3, 2012 at 10:44 PM)  

It is SO nice to meet you Jemima, and you are so so sweet, and right, an Artist really can be anyone that can create, and use their gifts!

What a beautiful heart you have, and so wise beyond your years, I am sure you don't hear that often do you ?! ;)

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