a guest post by lizzy.

Hello! Sorry I've been MIA for a while... but I'm back now! I have a really fun guest post today.. This young girl is so awesome! Her name is Lizzy and she is what I like to call a mini fashion blogger! :) She has a really cute blog and a really good message to tell the world! Don't just let me talk forever, here it from Lizzy herself!

Hey everyone!
My name is Lizzy. My friend Sammi and I have a the fashion blog, Pretty Modest. We are Christian girls who believe in dressing modestly. Our blog is mostly for pre-teens and teenagers who love style but find it hard to dress in a way to honer God. I use to not really care about get me wrong, I didn't dress trashy. I just didn't really care if I looked nice. But I realized that we can be an example by dressing modestly. We imply to others that we act how we look. So, why not take the challenge? Can you dress modestly and show other what you believe?

I wore this outfit just around the house and to a friends house. The skirt is super comfortable! :) When I went to my friends house, I changed in to sneakers and a hoodie. I love this shirt. I bought it at value village for just 3 bucks! Did I mention it was an aeropostale shirt? :-)

I just want to thank Hannah for having me guest post for her! Her blog is awesome.
Hope you all have an fantastic day!

Keep Shining, Lizzy <3

I hope you all liked the guest post! I loved it! :) Have an amazing day!

Hannah Mae

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