curly hair // a tutorial

   I made a little tutorial on how to do curly/wavy hair with a straightener! I do this to my hair all the time! Its super fast and super cute! :)

Start with your hair natural. If it was straightened, that's fine, but it's really bad for your hair, so I suggest leaving it natural first.

Using a big hair clip, pin up the top section of your hair, only leaving what is below your ears. Really small sections are the best for this.

Grab about a 1 inch section of hair, and clasp your straightener down at the top. Twist it toward the outside so that it looks like the picture. Pull down, as if you're straightening your hair, but there is a twist in it, so it should curl it instead.

One curl done! :)

Repeat that with that side of your hair. 

Now do the same with the other side of your head. Clasp, twist, and pull!

Now repeat again until the whole side's done.

Okay, now that you've done the bottom layer, spray a tiny bit of hair spray on it (optional...i don't use hair spray) and then brush it out. The result should be wavy-ish hair.

Now let down a bit more hair, and pin up the rest again. Curl the pieces that aren't curled yet, then spray them (optional) then brush it out again.

Now that the second section is done, pin up the rest of the hair and then curl that section in the same way.

The third section is all curly now!

Do the last section in the same way. Almost done!

All you have to do now is decide weather to leave your bangs down or up. Here is with my bangs pinned back..

And here is with them down!

Have fun with this hair style! :)

Hannah Mae

Blythe  – (April 6, 2012 at 12:03 PM)  

Cute. My hair is naturally very curly,but if any of my sisiters every let me try this on them one day I might be able to try this! =)

p.s. Your VERY beautiful.

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